Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Home Made Pore Strips.

This was probably one of the easiest Pins I've tried.

As Always ... my original -> Here

What I used:
1 packet of Gelatin
1 tablespoon of whole milk
1 disposable bowl
I followed the instructions (I held back my ADD and read them ALLLLL first)  

I put the gelatin in the bowl and then added the milk. I stirred until it got chunky. And then stuck it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Then Off to the bathroom.

I'm going to say this before you see the pictures :) but I don't think I let mine dry enough. So I would definetly recommend using the 15 min time frame and not anything less then 10 mins. - Next time i think Ill start with my nose FIRST then worry about the rest of my face. So you know it is kind of painful and will pull hairs on your face.. (but won't pull them out.) if your pulling it off and its stretchy, you haven't waited long enough. That's how most of mine was.

Before                                                                          During                                                  After

It doesn't look like much different in the photos. But afterwards I washed my face and used my moisturizer and my face felt amazing! I actually got a compliment on my skin today! (which never happens)

So you know, this stuff has a very........ hm... Odd smell to it. I did have a hard time with the smell. 

Will I be doing this again?
I sure will! Probably about once a month!