Sunday, May 11, 2014

$$ Free Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day.. To all the moms out there and those who read my blog!
Today was an especially awesome mother's day! My kids (their dad) bought me my tripod :)
But more importantly we got to do awesome stuff we normally wouldn't of, with out money being so tight.

I already told both grandma's months ago our gifts were going to be homemade.So this morning I got up early and set up all the ingredients for the sugar scrub for Lauren to make.

You can view the pin here -->>  PIN

 I had all the ingredients neatly set out for her. 

I walked in her room while she was still asleep and asked her if she wanted to make something... Of course she did! 

The sugar scrub was super duper easy to make. We put in all the dry ingredients first and stirred them together well. And then added the wet ingredients. We also used a potato masher to break up some of the chunks of brown sugar. (Next time I make it, which i defintely will!, I'm going to cut back on the olive oil. It ended up seeping everywhere!)

I made sure to put the vitamin e in last.. Because I knew she'd try and eat it....and she did. 

When people say this stuff looks too good to eat, it does and it tastes better then it looks.

We packaged it up really nice and wrapped it in tissue paper.

We had some left over (I doubled the recipe) so we tried it out. This stuff is amazing. Our hands are super soft!!

I felt a little guilty only having that for the grandmoms.. So we went out back to clean up. I recently found out that the white flowers in my back yard are wild striped violets and I have them in two colors. White and purple. 
We planted the purple ones in her flower boxes in her house and she picked out a couple white ones and we put them in pots I had lying around using spare potting soil we had!

Both grandmoms got awesome gifts... And I didn't have to spend a dime today!!