Friday, May 9, 2014

30 Day Challenge!

I pretty much use Pinterest for everything now. I go there when searching for pictures. My hubby even told me he wanted wishing well plans... I put my big red cape with a P on and typed in 'Wishing well plans" as fast as I could!

 So, I figured.. If I'm using Pinterest, for crafts, dinners, cleaning... why not use it for health?

 I got on Pin yesterday and searched for 30 day challenge. Frankly, most of them would put me in the hospital by day 2. So i searched 30 day BEGINNER fitness challenge. These are the two I picked to do ...

So a little about me. First, I am EXTREMELY out of shape. I have 2 kids, who are 14 months apart. So I was pregnant for 16 months out of about 2 1/2 years. I gained alot of weight with my first child and had to have an emergency C-section. By the time my stomach had healed and I was allowed to exercise, I was pregnant again. 

I chose to do these two, because the seem simple. Frankly, it's not like I'm going to be doing P90x. I hate exercising and don't have the energy to do so. I figured I'd start in June. 

But when I woke up at 7am and everyone in my house was asleep....(which never happens) I figured today was the day. I know if I waited until June... I'd forget June 1st.. and then. 'oops.. I'll just have to wait until July...' and so on. 

So I started today. Let me tell you. While it looks simple on paper, when you don't exercise.... it's not that easy. I got through the squats with almost no peroblem. Besides hearing the cartlidge in my knee (I recently injured it) crunching, it went pretty well. 

I figured the push ups next where my best bet. 10 push-ups.. Really how hard can they be? Let me tell you when your holding on to an extra 78lbs above what I should be weighing... THEY"RE NOT FRICKIN' easy! I had to do girl push-ups and was out of breath by the last one. 

The crunches where next and I had to those modified too. None of these would compare to the absolute horror of Planking for 20 seconds. I thought my midsection was going to break along with my elbows and feet! 

I must say I felt so good AFTER doing those 4 little exercises I went for an 8 minute walk (.32mi).

Over the past couple years, spending most of them being pregnant, I've seriously altered my diet. I'm a label reader, and organic activist, and try to stay away from processed and fast foods. I've maintained the same weight I've been since I got pregnant with my daughter. So clearly they only way for me to actually LOSE weight is to get active. 

I'm hoping this 30 day challenge will help light a fire under my ass. With two small children, I'm not only hurting myself but them as well. 

I'll be periodically posting updates.. If I lose weight or inches, because I'm tracking all of that as well.

So wish me luck!