Friday, August 15, 2014

Upcycled Encyclopedia - "Education Wreath"

My basement is full of old books. Some worth money and some not. I have books that don't even have an ISBN! (REALLY!) 

I also have a large collection of encyclopedias, science encyclopedias. I've thrown out a ton of time magazines (ones with JFK on the front! got damaged by water). Now these aren't MY books, they came with the house. 

I've been debating what to do. I can't give them to libraries, because they won't take them. So I've been finding ways to upcycle them. 

So.. I made my Encyclopedia Wreather.. or as my Hubby calls it my 'education wreath.'

Here's what I used :
  • Glue Gun (several glue sticks)
  • 1 old 'Young Persons Science Periodical'
  • Scissors
  • 2 bowls (different sizes)
  • 1 paper box
 I took the cardboard box apart and found the biggest spot and basically made my own wreath base. You could use one of the ones you buy in the store, but I already have enough junk and would prefer not to spend any money!

I put the big plate down and traced and then the smaller one in the center and traced it and then cut it out.
I carefully removed the cover and then realized that this was actually bound by string! I snipped the string and pulled it apart by the little booklets. I cleaned up the edges with scissors.
Then I folded them in quarters (not shown) making sure to fold each one the same direction (for consistency) I did top to bottom and then left to right. Then I'd place a small line of glue on the wreath and stick the page. Make sure you DO NOT crease your pages as you fold, otherwise it won't have the 'fan' effect.

They're very easy to make. I took a piece of ribbon and hot glued it to the back. (only had Christmas ribbon) and stuck it on the wall. 
I'm sure if I used a book in better condition and an actual wreath backing, it would look much better. But for being a spur of the moment craft under 30 minutes, I'm happy with it. Apperantly so was my 2 1/2 year old. She came out and after her little brother pointed it out.. She looked at me and sai "Mommy you made that all by yourself? It's so pretty!"
(Don't mind my clue gun whispies.. I did remove them!