Friday, August 8, 2014

Mind your manners at my dinner table, Please.

If you follow my blog or have even read one or two of my posts, you know I'm very frugal. I like homemade and prefer not to have a full trash can when its trash day.. (recycling can is another story) I've recently switched to cloth napkins and soon will be switching to "unpaper towels."

But this post isn't about my 'mis'adventures in DIY or pinterest.

As a mom of two and hopes of more, we've become very 'creative' in how we save money, cut down on trash, and feed our kids. My problem arises when we have company......

When you sit at my dinner table with food in front of you, whether it be spaghetti, chicken wings, or homemade peach cobbler and ask me for a napkin you're going to get the same thing, every-time. A cloth napkin. If you have asked me for something to wipe your hands & face with and I've put down my fork, walked away from my food, and handed you this cloth napkin.... It is OK to use it. That's why I've given it to you. Please don't continue to ask over and over 'if its ok.' Please don't tell me its 'too pretty' to use/dirty. I know they're going to get dirty (I have two kids!)

Once someone has stared at the napkin looked around the table and then looked at me and asked "Are you sure?" That's when things get uncomfortable....

(We've become a society of instant gratification and everything is disposable. So when you hand someone a cloth napkin it just seems to turn their world upside down.)

So now I have to sit at the table, instead of eating and explain myself.... all of it. The fact that we're financially strapped, trying to save money and cut down on waste. Not that I actually have to, but otherwise I get stared at like some kind of weirdo who hands out cloth napkins.

My post today isn't about DIY and money saving. Its about minding your manners (along with your own business) and sitting down a table to enjoy food, not fret about a napkin.

People today have to be more frugal, and not to mention going back to 'old school.' By that I mean actually cooking for their families and not popping something in the microwave. Not getting that instant gratification. Because when you've hand sewn your napkins and get a compliment or make your peach cobbler from scratch, THOSE compliments mean more then any other. ( I know this paragraph is off topic!)

So the next time you sit at a table and someone hands you a cloth napkin or an 'unpaper towel'. Just smile politely and say thank you. There's a reason behind their choice, and its just that THEIR choice.

And I feel I'm done my little rant now :)