Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My $2.42 Mini-Haul - Walmart

I went to Walmart- HOPING! to use the $3/Revlon coupons. Unfortunately they gave me a hard time and told me if there's pictures on it I can't use it for something else? (I don't know what frickin' sense that makes!)

I was told (Vineland,NJ - Wal-mart) If there is a coupon with ANY product and pictures are on it, they can only be used for whats on the pictures. If there isn't a picture it must state EXACTLY what its for. In all honesty I think it's just so they don't have couponers ending up with overages. Sigh. Another day, I will use my revlon coupons!)

So instead of getting all of my stuff for around 24 cents. It was $2.42

Here's what I bought:
$6.47 - Enfagrow
$6.47 - Enfagrow
$2.68 - Great Value Decaf Tea Bags
$1.00 - Liberte Cap. Yogurt

Value Here's the coupons I used:
$3.00 - Enfagrow (Man Q exp 8/31/14)
$3.00 - Enfagrow (Man Q exp 8/31/14)
$0.20 - Liberte Yogurt - Printable Man Q
$3.00 - Enfagrow Check exp 7/31 $5.00 - Enfagrow Check exp 7/31 _____________________________
$14.20 Savings.

So I paid $2.42 out of pocket (85.44% Savings) I was really disappointed.. One, because they wouldn't let me use my Revlon coupons. Two, because in true Wal-mart fashion where out of the tea bags I had a $0.55 coupon for and last because I couldn't get my free coupon holder (because of the Revlon mix up)

- Also found a $0.20 Savingstar on the yogurt!!