Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kids Outfit Swiss Roll

We have two kids and two diaper bags. And when we go out, we only ever use 1 diaper bag!
My daughter recently got potty trained. So now it is with great pleasure we only have to carry ONE size of diapers!!

So we carried one size of diapers, but ended up having to carry 3 back up outfits (complete!) My daughter always had a habit of peeing on her shoes too??!! So I would never think to bring 3 pairs of socks.
Here's what I came up with. This is a complete outfit (socks, undies, shirt, shorts and a hair tie)

 I lay them neatly and then just roll them in a roll and put the hair tie on it to keep it from opening and viola!!

After carrying the diaper bag with everything overflowing out of it at the store... I had to come up with a new plan!